SCRChart was designed based on the input from the whole StarCraft community!

Replay Browser

Here you can take a look at your full replay collection with many features to navigate it and get the information from it that you want.



Filter your collection by player names, map name, matchup, and more to quickly find the replays you want!


Sort all of your replays by filename, player names, duration, date and many more!


Rename many replays at once according to a self-chosen pattern including detail information of the replays itself!


Export the information of one or multiple replays to a text or csv file to use it externally!

Other file operations

Copy one or more replays to another folder or open the folder they are in right now!


Having a huge collection is no problem! SCRChart loads thousands of replays in a few seconds!

Replay Details

Check out specific details of the replays to get an idea what happened without having to load the replay in StarCraft.


Basic Info

See the basic info like the date, duration, players, colors & more!


Find out what the players were talking about in the game!

Units, Buildings & Upgrades

Check all the things that the players spent their minerals on!


Nice graphs display how fast the players used their mouse and keyboard!


See how the players used the hotkey groups to move their army or macro back in their base!


Not sure how the map looked? SCRChart provides a rough image of the map that was used including the starting positions of the players!


Get an idea of the look of SCRChart

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Check out how SCRChart developed over time.

Version 2.0

released on 2019/12/29

New features / Improvements

  • General:
    • The window now has a decent size depending on the resolution and dpi settings of the user.
    • Small visual updates (slightly darker background to see certain texts better, grey line below tab buttons in ReplayDetails.
  • ReplayBrowser:
    • Optimized the initial loading time and made the progress bar more accurate (no more freezes in beginning).
    • The Replay Browser now automatically tracks file changes in the replay folder and adds, modifies and deletes replays from the replays table.
    • The filename column in the ReplayBrowser now shows a tooltip on mouse hover displaying the path relative to the replay folder (so that it shows subfolders inside the replay folder)
    • The filename filter now considers the subfolders of a replay is in when searching. (i.e. searching for "best" now also finds all replays in a subfolder called "my best games"). It also now displayes a tooltip explaining this.
    • The mapname filter now now ignores special characters in mapnames. (i.e. searching for "Gladiator" now also finds all replays on ●G‒l●a‒d●i‒a●t‒o●r|1.1)
    • Added a new context menu which can be accessed via right click with the following options:
      • Copy the replay information to the clipboard
      • Jump to the replay in the file explorer of your operating system (if only one replay is selected)
      • Rename a single replay (if only one replay is selected)
      • Rename multiple replays according to a self-chosen pattern including using information from the replays (like player names, races, map, date, etc)
      • Copy selected replays to another directory (single or multiple selected replays)
      • Export replay information to text file (single or multiple selected replays)
      • Export replay information to csv file (single or multiple selected replays)
    • The cursor to resize columns now has a StarCraft design.
  • ReplayDetails:
    • Player names and map name can now be selected and copied.
    • The new colors of the StarCraft Remastered patch 1.23.1 arrived in SCRChart! (thanks to Seiche for assisting)
    • Player colors now show a tooltip displaying the color name on mouse hover.
    • Chat tab now supports non-ascii languages like hangul
    • All information in the following tabs can now be exported to a text file, csv file or clipboard via right click:
      • Chat
      • Buildings
      • Units
      • Upgrades
      • Hotkeys
    • The "VS" in the header will not get displayed anymore if the replay does not have two teams or two players. In this case all players are distributed evenly on the header panel.

Bug fixes

  • General:
    • The whole application no longer starts with its window bounds outside the screen bounds if you activated scaling with 150% in Windows.
    • Fixed a rare error where certain replays could not be read.
    • Several mouse cursors like the cursor to select text or the cursor to move the map image are now properly centered on the point you click. This also means that selecting text in textfield or the new selectable player names and map name really selects the text where the cursor is instead of being offset a few millimeters.
    • Player names with non extended ascii characters (i.e. most asian characters like hangul) are now supported and don't get displayed as question marks in the ReplayBrowser and ReplayDetails.
  • ReplayBrowser:
    • The duration column is now correct for replays longer than one hour.
    • The duration column can now be sorted correctly.
    • The arrow of the sort direction of the date column is now correctly points down (descending). The newest replays are still on top.
  • ReplayDetails:
    • Map version now correctly states the version of StarCraft the map was created with.
    • Player names and colors are not missing any longer in most replays with the gametype Melee.
    • Fixed a bug which caused races to be cut off.
  • About:
    • Fixed a bug which caused text to overlap.

Version 1.0

released on 2019/05/01

🎉 This is the official public release of SCRChart! 🎉

  • General:
    • Added tooltips displaying helpful information if you hover your mouse over any tab in the ReplayDetails and the player filter textfield in the ReplayBrowser.
    • Small visual updates (slightly darker background to see certain texts better, grey line below tab buttons in ReplayDetails.
  • ReplayDetails:
    • APM Tab: Filtered out the first 2 minutes of the average APM.
    • APM Tab: Added average eAPM.

Version 0.8

released on 2019/04/23
  • General:
    • It is now possible to doubleclick replays to open them in SCRChart! For this to work just associate a replay file with the file "SCRChart ReplayStarter.bat" once per "right click -> open with..."
    • Visual update: All weird half-transparent/half-black boxes are now gone. The background is now the same in the whole application.
  • ReplayDetails:
    • Visual update: The tabs in the ReplayDetails now look like the tabs in StarCraft (Friends/Channel tabs).
    • APM Tab: Fixed APM graphs having wrong colors if more than 4 players were in the replay.
    • APM Tab: Removed legend below the chart. It is no longer needed since all graphs have the colors of the players now.
    • APM Tab: Added a list of average APMs for all players on the right side of the chart.

Version 0.7

released on 2019/04/20
  • ReplayBrowser:
    • Player filter: It is now possible to filter by multiple players seperated by comma. The filter will match any replay in with ALL specified players.
    • Filename filter: A new filter which filters by filename was added.
  • ReplayDetails:
    • APM Tab: All apm graphs are now colored according to the corresponding player with the effective APM graphs having a slightly darker and desaturated variant of the same color.

Version 0.6b

released on 2019/04/11
  • ReplayDetails:
    • Buildings, Units, Upgrades, Raw Commands Tab: Fixed a bug which caused the third column after the time and player name to be invisible.

Version 0.6

released on 2019/04/10
  • ReplayDetails:
    • Chat Tab: Now correctly displays player and observer chat. Please note only the chat that was seen by the person saving the replay is saved in the replay.
    • Raw Commands Tab: Now has a lot more information about all the commands from the game. Data that is not yet figured out is displayed in its raw form exactly how it is saved in the replay (in hexadecimal)

Development & Support

My main goal is to develop a software which is useful for everyone who is playing StarCraft. To reach that goal, I think its important to have an easy to reach developer and an active, transparent development which is fueled by the feedback of the community. For this feel free to contact me via any of the channels below.

If you don't feel the need in communicating and giving specific feedback but still want to support me, I have set up a PayPal donation link.

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